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A Woman’s Dream of the Night Sky

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A Woman’s Dream of the Night Sky

by Lisa โมเซส
on 12 February - 10 March 2011
at 9 Art Gallery/Architect Studio / Chiangrai
(053) 719 110, (083) 152 6021

I am thrilled by the photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of outer space and distant galaxies. The beauty of these amazing photographs has a mystical quality.

I discovered that I could create a blend of my painting and drawing with photographs of the galaxies, and this discovery has opened a universe of possibilities for my art work.

My experience as a ballet dancer has a significant influence on my work. I am enamored with the beauty of line and movement in dance, and much of my work has focused on capturing the strength, muscle tension, and abandon of dancers in motion. I often give my work the feeling of movement even when the subject isn’t about dance.

Some of my pieces use birds as a focus, and others feature elephants, and even giraffes. There is such a grace and beauty in these animals, that to me is earthly and also has an unearthly quality. I like to blend a combination of the universe and a cloudy blue sky to create a connection between people, animals, the earth, and the stars.

Music is another theme that is a natural for this concept, and my husband, a musician, makes a great model. I often create pieces with forms that are not immediately apparent. I might put an elephant within an elephant, or a small dancer almost hidden against a galactic background. I use colors and patterns that make the form visible only after looking closely.

All of the pieces in this show are cast acrylic collage prints, and all of them have an element of the universe or “night sky.” I created these prints over the past year drawing from my thoughts and dreams about people, Thailand, and my life.

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