Monday, January 10, 2011

Contemporary Japanese Crafts Exhibition

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Contemporary Japanese Crafts Exhibition
Experience the Japanese artistic temperament through 64 contemporary craftworks
(14 January – 13 February 2011 @ 2nd Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre)
What are the common characteristics of contemporary Japanese crafts? Refinement? Simplicity? Ostentatious colors? Or deformation?
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok in cooperation with Bangkok Art and Culture Centre proudly presents Contemporary Japanese Crafts Exhibition. The exhibition features 64 outstanding artifacts from various craft genres, including ceramics, glassware, lacquer ware and metalwork, all created by famous Japanese artists.

Japanese crafts have long history and have absorbed influences from various sources; in ancient times ideas and techniques came from China and Korea but more recently, during the modern era, artistic ideas have been incorporated from the West. These influences have been worked into craftworks over time as artists gradually developed craftworks that reflect Japanese characteristics with traditional forms and decorative embellishments. The techniques and aesthetics of craftworks have been handed down from generation to generation.

The sheer number of genres and variety of techniques used in craft production make it difficult to say exactly what the defining and common attributes of contemporary Japanese crafts actually are. In order to make this clearer to viewers, the curators have classified the 64 works into six common themes: Ostentation, Quiet Refinement, Crispness, Fine Detail, Deformation, Flowers and Birds.

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