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No Rabbit On The Moon by Supachet Bhumakarn

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“No Rabbit On The Moon”Painting Exhibition by Supachet Bhumakarn, a Thai Artist The Rotunda and Garden Gallery, The Neilson Hays Library on February 1-27, 2011

Subsequent to the exhibition on paintings of elephants at the Neilson Hays Library during 2002-2006, begun from being impressed with the elephant’s conflicting character having an external image of being huge, with black rough skin, but with a cute and intelligent personality. This caused the artist to continue to draw elephants until this animal has become a symbol or his signature work.

His artwork since 2005 has therefore been increasingly added with other symbols such as birds,
trees, falling leaves, and a variety of surroundings. All of these are meant to relate the painter’s feeling at that very moment.

The exhibition to be held again in 2011 will display the symbols of the rabbit and the moon and will represent the artist’s imagination which tells of his fear of losing it as the result of increasing
burdens in making a living. When time permits to look back at himself, he wants to preserve this imagination as long as possible because the path of those who create artworks this part of the imagination is the most important.

For more information please contact:
Angelique Leijdekker, curator of The Rotunda & Garden Gallery, at the Neilson Hays Library by email or telephone the office 02 233 1731 or view:

Neilson Hays Library195 Surawong Rd, Bangkok tel: 02 233
1731Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9.30am-5pm

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