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UNITE WITH PAIBOON by Paiboon Thamruangrit

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“UNITE WITH PAIBOON” Art Exhibition By Mr. Paiboon Thamruangrit
Open Friday 21 January 2011, 5:30 pm.
at Jamjuree Art Gallery

For over twenty years, I have been on an artistic path, with eight years of running art activities for the children of Sanjorn Sorn Silpa Free Art Project. Traveling around Thailand and some parts of Laos is part and parcel of my existence. And painting is my way of capturing the many beautiful types of scenery that surrounds me. This art exhibit chronicles through art the beauty of nature. I was impressed by the simple way of people’s lives as well as flowers, rivers, mountains, and architectures. The best way for me to capture the magnificence of the place was to put them on canvas and on paper in different techniques of drawing, water color, acrylic and oil painted.

Besides painting, I love sharing my knowledge and the beauty of art with children. As we all know, there is a lack of art teachers and equipment in many remote places in Thailand. My passion to teach brings forth smiles and happiness among the children. Their enthusiasm and high spirits are much more beautiful than any artwork. For me, it is an art masterpiece.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Sanjorn Sorn Silpa Free Art Project, which teaches art for free to poor Thai children in remote places. I have been running this project for over 8 years, held more than a hundred places all over Thailand.

Finally many thanks to all the guest artists I have invited.

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