Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trace, Rhythms and Dance by Gerard Besset

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For the first time in Bangkok, Gerard BESSET signs his 162nd exhibitions! with Artery Gallery at the Silom Galleria. Most of the 50 paintings give life to the musical themes that he loves: from jazz to classical and contemporary music. A gestual painting like a music tune played with strength and humour on canvas, cardboard, wood and film. There always has been a link between music and painting, mainly abstract painting. Using different sizes, materials and tools, such as musical scores; Gerard BESSET gives colours and thickness to the sounds and movement.
“Usually, the backdrop will show the general atmosphere of the painting: happy, sad, nostalgic, quiet, violent, romantic or melancholic. The thick lines will illustrate the bass. The signs, the scratches, the brushes, sponges, spatula strokes are associated to fantasy, rhythms and “pleins et d?li?s” of the themes. Sometimes, I keep strongly in mind one specific instrument or another and I give to each a particular colour. It is not at all a musical writing, it is only a game, an excuse for painting“.

Opening exhibition will take place on Thursday 22nd April - Friday 14th May, 2010. At Artery Gallery, 919/1 the Silom Galleria Building, (UNIT B09) B1 Fl., Silom Rd., Bangkok 10500 Thailand
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