Friday, April 15, 2011

Have We Forgot? by Charit Pusiri

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ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery will hold the art exhibition:

Have We Forgot?
By Charit Pusiri

From April 21 – May 27, 2011
Open Reception on Thursday April 21, 2011 at 6.30 pm At ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery

The exhibition “Have We Forgot?” by Charit Pusiri presents a new series of photography toying with the concept of “Thainess”, an attribute that some Thai people may have overlooked or some even try to forget.

The artist ponders over the said idea, investigating whether there is still Thainess left in the society or has it completely been forgotten? Whether it is because of the familiarity, the bombarding of lifestyle and the trend of globalization that cast over every corner of the world, it clearly has invaded the identity of Thai style of living, culture and tradition so much that now it almost becomes inseparable. In this first-time-ever solo exhibition, this young gifted artist will intrigue viewers with photographs of human, animals and objects in which will leave an open end for them to interpret or question whether they have already forgotten their root and who they really are.
ARDEL’s Third Place Gallery requests for your support to kindly promote the upcoming exhibition.
For further information, kindly contact: 02-422-2092, 086-890-2762 Fax: 02-422-2091
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30~19:00 hrs., Sunday: 10:30~17:30 hrs. (Except on Monday)

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