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“Aqua, Blossom & Somebody” by Baan Lae Suan 2010

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ARDEL Gallery or Modern Art in collaboration with Baan Lae Suan magazine will hold the art exhibition:

“Aqua, Blossom & Somebody” by Baan Lae Suan 2010

Curated by Thavorn Ko-udomvit

from October 30 – November 7, 2010 (Opening reception: October 30 at 6.30 PM)

at Baan Lae Suan Fair 2010, Impact Challenger, Muang Thong Thani

“Aqua, Blossom & Somebody” is an exhibition which originally was inspired by water, the origin of all creatures that sustains human’s life and helps lead their mind to the aesthetic. The aesthetic is simply the beauty of all flowers that makes the world lively. Viewers will be introduced to the diverse ideas and techniques which are applied to painting, printmaking and photographic art. The artists transmit their impression of the value and beauty of water and flowers as well as portray the search for inspiration to express the identity of the person/object appears in their imagination under the illusive and complicated context of the society.

The exhibition is separated into two parts. The first part is the area where more than 60 paintings and printmaking are exhibited. These artworks are created by 17 artists: Pishnu Supanimit, Yanawit Kunchaethong, Sompop Budtarad, Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul, Knakorn Kachacheewa, Chairat Sangthong, Boonmee Sangkhum, Chutchawan Wannapo, Patcha Kaewtongtal, Kuntalee Tantittavewat, Thosapol Boriboon, Kiatanan Iamchan, Amarin Buppasiri, Pachcharapong Meesilp, Nuratna Hawae, Tetsuya Noda, Kansuke Morioka

The second part presents photography exhibition by 7 photographers namely Thavorn Ko-udomvit, Amrit Chusuwan, Anuchai Secharunputong, Alongkorn Sripasert, Nopadon Chotasiri, Charit Pusiri, Waranun Chutchawantipakorn. All the works will be displayed on 7 forty inches TV screens.

The fair will be opened from 9.30 - 21.00 hour. For further information, kindly contact ARDEL Gallery (Headquarters) at: 02-422-2092, 084-772-2887, 086-890-2762 Fax: 02-422-2091

Office Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30~19:00 hrs., Sunday: 10:30~17:30 hrs. (Except on Monday)

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