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Airport by Yin Zhaoyu

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Tang Contemporary Art – Bangkok

Yin Zhaoyu 2010 Bangkok Solo Exhibition

Time: 4th Nov 2010 – 4th Dec 2010

Address: Tang Contemporary Art, Basement 28, Silom Galleria, 919/1 Silom Road (soi 19), Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Opening Ceremony: 4th Nov 2010 (THURS) 18:00 – 20:00

Tang Contemporary Art (Bangkok) is pleased to announce the exhibition, titled “Airport”, of Yin Zhaoyu will be held from 4th Nov 2010 to 4th Dec 2010.

Basic Infomation
Depicted in the natural landscape and portrait, the landscape paintings fused of the real images, colors alternating lights and shadows. This is also the most poetic depiction for the nature of human creation. Joseph Marroad William Turner(1775-1851), which was the most influential British landscape painter, with its skill, exquisite techniques to give the natural landscape emotional expressions, especially in light, air and moisture. The expressions bring into the work the subtle changes of nature.

In the field of contemporary art in China, Yin Zhaoyu is known for his style of landscape painting. Throughout the development process of paintings of Yin Zhaoyu, we can identify the techniques and it's depicted objects, Yin shows the unique ethos, that is, the color shifts from the natural state into the comprehensive mind of a personal perspective. The ample of exaggerated colors, actively changing and morphing within onto the other, these colors are the reflection of the emotions and ideas from the artist.

This time, the artist selects the airport as his main object of creations. In those vast and open artificial landscapes, the color that the artist used changes as if giving a spirit to the airport transforming it into an object of expression. In the images and the environment, we have always had a vague feeling of volatility and saw the ups and downs, the audience was also brush driven by the traction under the color of the artist, which leads to a direct association of the work's creative concept. Because of this connection with the viewer, the artist is able to establish attributes as an emotional landscape.

For Public and Media Enquires, please contact the gallery at +(662)–630 1114 Fax: +(662)– 630 3264 or e-mail

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