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Another Journey by Theerawat Maysasitthivit and Parichat Jirasakwittaya

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Another Journey

Artists: Theerawat Maysasitthivit and Parichat Jirasakwittaya

Curator: Narongsak Nilkhet

5 – 27 November 2010

Opening reception on Friday 5 November 2010: 6.00 PM

Venue: creative house inspired BANGKOK by TOYOTA.

Interchange Building, L floor, Asoke junction, Bangkok

Project Title : “Another Journey” is a group exhibition by young blood artists : Theerawat Maysasitthivit and Parichat Jirasakwittaya. The works of both artists interpret the meaning of “Journey” through interactive Installation and Video Installation art form. Another Journey will be held at creative House BANGKOK inspired by Toyota is a non-profit space for anyone to express their creativity.

“Journey” a simple word that describes a movement from A to B. A surface of journey may be looked as though a direction from a starting point to an aimed destination. But a journey does not consist of only 2 points, it is involved a hidden interaction surrounding by many different elements which are a crucial part of molding experiences.

“Another Journey” is another journey. This journey brings another experience. This experience may be a new process of getting to know something for someone, at the same time it may be a repetitive feeling or action for someone. Either case, these are another journey that at least is a self-discovering.

Theerawat Maysasitthivit a young blood interactive installation artist presents his own experience of changing an everyday life environment through a new space. An environmental change causes emotional changes which make human adapting to suit in. This offers an interaction between compromises and conflicts besides an observation of the emotions, personal struggle, and the path breaking events of a contemporary society.

Whilst a performing artist who creates her debut site-specific performance art, Parichat Jirasakwittaya reflects the perspective of social online networking, especially facebook phenomenon by criticizing a journey of identities and messages from finger tips on keyboards that travel into the virtual reality and comparing it to an action of transmitting them in reality.

Because life is a journey, May you have a pleasant journey. Bon Voyage!!

For further information, kindly contact creative house BANGKOK inspired by TOYOTA: 02-611-2798-9 or 081 582 5551 (Bik), 089 915 9150 (Zom)

Open hour : 11 am – 8 pm (Closed on Sunday)

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