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Melancholic by Nuratna Hawae

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by Nuratna Hawae
From January 23 – March 21, 2010 (Opening reception: January 23, 2010 at 6.30 PM)
at Rose Garden Gallery (Nakhon Pathom)

Fear discourages a human’s need to stay alive. Fear is also the feeling slowly eats up the human’s mind every single minute. The chronic violence appeared in the south of Thailand causes the same kind of fear. It hurts and harms people in the society, keeping them away from happiness, especially children who have been completely affected by the situation. Nuratna Hawae is the upcoming Muslim artist from Pattanee whose semi-abstract woodcuts in the “Melancholic” exhibition convey the idea of atrocity that is taking its toll on the children’s mind. The cracks crossing over the playthings depict schism in the society which in turn putting the seed of sadness in their hearts. Liveliness and laughter are replaced by sullen color and sorrowful ambiance. Either Buddhists or Muslims, they are all victimized by the wicked excuse about the difference in religion. Southerners nowadays are like living in a nightmare because there is no safety even in their playground.

Rose Garden Gallery requests for your support to kindly promote the upcoming exhibition.
For further information, kindly contact ARDEL Gallery at number 08-6890-2762, 08-4772-2887, 0-2422-2092 (Closed on Monday)
Map Information: +66 3432 2544

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