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Exhibition in Chevron Gallery ISB

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January 30 till February 20, 2010
Ingrid Van der Heyden, Belgium artist, mixed media
Karen Sengel, works with quilts
Simona Ambrosini, Italian artist, Sculptor

We are an association organizing Art Exhibitions in ISB Chevron  Gallery in Pakkret. Our goal is to bring art in Nonthabury and close  to the students. The artists exhibiting in the gallery will spend some  time (day or days) with high school students to discuss their work,
listen to the critic; they will demonstrate their technic to the  students or realize a project together. The artists are thai and  international. As we do not ask fees to exhibit, it is a good way for new artists to learn about setting a show, having feedback and  sometimes selling art works. For more information on the show and our  organization, you can log to isb website:
      We will have an exhibition in the coming days:This is the article we put in a small newsletter in the neighborough.ArtNOW* presents  Woven Elements, January 30- February 20, 2010

     This is the first time these three artists will exhibit their work together. None of them is using canvas or paper; they create their support with bed linen, clothes, metal, plastic. They combined materials on them. Ingrid Van der Heyden and Simona Ambrosini use their work to explore deeply a theme or pass a message with passion. Karen Sengel creates her quilts with love and serenity. The combination of these works in the gallery will send alltogether sparks and calmness. Along with the exhibition, the artists will demonstrate their favorite technic to the students in HS ISB. They look forward to this experience as they acknowledge that students are good critics and often ask meaningful questions. The exchange of ideas, remarks, comments happening during the class time is valued by both; students and artists.
Belgian born artist, Ingrid Van der Heyden, studied free graphic art and ceramics for several years, and studied with a renowned artist on eco-design & assemly techniques in Belgium. She has participated in many group exhibitions and contemporary art projects in Europe and Asia. She uses very different materials for her work and she continuously explores new themes.
     Simona Ambrosini Benetti, 37 years, was born in Milano, Italy. Classical studies in Italy. In 2008, she opens her atelier in Bangkok. She starts to experience different metals, copper, aluminum and brass and continues to recuperate industrial scraps, while studying and testing the transformations of materials, like oxidations, corrosions, and the light effects on the surfaces.
     Karen Sengel was born and raised in the United States but has lived overseas most of her adult life. Karen started sewing at age six. She started quilting fifteen years ago. In 2006, inspired by quilter Ruth McDowell. Her quilts are machine pieced in a traditional way and incorporate ethnic fabrics as well as commercial material. They are then free motion quilted, adding another dimension to the design.

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