Friday, January 22, 2010

“KOKASHITA” by Award-Winning Choreographer Shigehiro Ide

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      A Humorous Take on Japanese and Thai Cultures
Shigehiro Ide Leads Cross-Cultural Dance Theatre Collaboration.

     “KOKASHITA” is a Japanese term describing the space beneath Tokyo’s elevated rail tracks and highways — a feature shared by the Bangkok cityscape. In his choreography, Ide uses the idea of these small gaps to illustrate the gaps and differences between the two cultures. Gestures, movements and snippets of everyday life in Japan and Thailand are transformed to spark off comic, intriguing and thought-provoking theatrical moments.

      Produced by the international performing arts festival, ‘Festival/Tokyo’, the first version of “KOKASHITA” was presented during the festival in March 2009 in Tokyo, after 40 days of intensive rehearsal between the Japanese performers and their six Thai counterparts who were selected in an earlier audition in Bangkok. They include dancer Kanison Youngprampree; actor and director Grisana Punpeng; dancer, actor, writer and TV producer Korakot Puangsawad; dancing twins Chanchana and Chayanuch Akjiratikarl; and the 8X8 Theatre comedian Akeera Modesakoon.

Co-organized by the Japan Foundation and the Faculty of Fine Arts, CMU
Date/Time:       24 January 2010 (Sun.) 19.00 hrs.
Venue:             Theater of Chiang Mai University Art Center (Tel. 053-944-833)
Admission:        FREE

(Free tickets will be available at the reception desk from 18.00 hrs. Door open at 18.30 hrs.)

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