Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Florist


Flowers – the richness of colour bestowed by nature. Their outstanding beauty makes them become an essential part in our lives, representing our feelings and emotions for different purposes in various occasions.

Today florists are considered as a very creative profession, blending imagination and new creative ideas with their own flower arranging styles in order to add values to their creations.

Experience the colourful world in The Florist: Life with Flowers exhibition, which features signature creations of eight Thai expert florists whose passion, family and fate all has played a part in their creativity. Their inspired stories and ideas of living are told through their flower pieces. Plus, learn secret tips and unique techniques from acclaimed florists and see how to survive in the service business of flower arrangement, along with facts and trivia from flower arranging history, language of flowers, tools used in flower arrangement and also the economic report on the floral business.

Admire 8 different styles of flower arrangements by eight leading Thai florists while taking note of their work process through multimedia presentations. From 7 December 2010 – 1 February 2011, TCDC Resource Center will come alive with a weekly arrangement of colourful flowers and exotic plants by creative floral designers in the following schedule:

December 2010
7 December 2010 Suntipong Kongrak
14 December 2010 Nee & Nun
21 December 2010 Pitag Hangsajara
January 2011
4 January 2011 Ormkwan Sanasen
11 January 2011 Pojpong Pongpaothai
18 January 2011 Panitan Thongsatit
25 January 2011 Sakul Intakul
February 2011
1 February 2011 Close to Nature

information: 02 664 8448 ext. 215, 216

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