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“The Wonders of Color and Beauty” by PONGSIRI KIDDEE

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“The Wonders of Color and Beauty” by PONGSIRI KIDDEE

Event Date: 21 August – 15 September 2010

Venue: Surapon Gallery
1st Fl. TISCO Tower
48/3 North Sathorn Road
Opposite the Alliance Francaise
Bangkok 10500
Tel. 02-638-0033-4
e-mail: sponglry@samart.co.th

Opening Hours: Tue – Sat 11 am – 6 pm

Admission: Free of Charge

Contact person: Mr.Surapon Bunyapamai

Event Description:
Award-winning silkscreen specialist, Pongsiri Kiddee, will feature his latest creation of 40 works of silkscreen on canvas and on paper at this exhibition. Pongsiri’s newest silkscreens are inspired by his appreciation of the
beautiful architecture of Sukhothai Heritage Temples, which are the product of
ingenuity by people from that period as well as the natural and gradual aging through time. In the artist’s opinion, they are more invaluable than materialism of the modern day.

Pongsiri uses uncountable tiny geometrical forms of squares, rectangles, and circles to compose with various colors to create a work of harmony and uniqueness. Each finished work is a result of 20 – 30 layers of these elements and colors meticulously and neatly applied on the medium of paper or canvas to create warm, cheerful and colorful images in his works.

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