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The Form of the Formless by Teerapon Hosanga

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The Form of the Formless
by Teerapon Hosanga
19 Aug – 29 Sep 2010
at WTF cefe & gallery

Shadowing the laws of physics and mathematics in creating complex structures, Teerapon Hosanga uses sculpture as a medium to conceptualize growth and flux and the intangible essence of nature.

The complex forms created by repetitive connections among different rigid materials like aluminium, wood, rock and brass tubes do not literally represent the process of growth, even if they often seem to aspire to familiar organic forms, but rather symbolize them. Some works conceptualize the artist’s perception of the dynamic movement that occurs in the creation of nature, whereas others embody his curiosity about how the laws of physics affect the process of making things. While they often symbolize abstract phenomena – lightning, gravity, the growth process – they are at the same time powerful physical objects in their own right. In thrusting into space as though forever on the point of resolving themselves into regular patterns but forever folding in on themselves or remaining as it were incomplete, provisional, deferred, they draw on both the sculptural theories of the 20th Century and the architectural thinking of the 21st.

The Form of the Formless insists on a bold understanding of the power of sculpture to document the passage of time, the changes to our environment, the way events build on events to shape people’s lives — in other words, to tell afresh the story of how we came to be.

WTF gallery is on two (2nd and 3rd ) floors of a typical Bangkok shop-house located on a small alley minutes from the buzziest area of the capital. Our aim is to bring great art to the people of Bangkok; to make it accessible, uplifting and transformative. Seeing art should be as easy as a night out on the town

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