Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Different, but Same by Korean Artists

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Different, but Same   Art Exhibition by Korean Artists
Curator : Cho seung ki
Co- curator : Jakraphun Thanateeranon

Venue : Artery Art Gallery

919/1 The Silom Galleria Building,

(Unit B09) B1 Fl., Silom Rd., Bangkok

10500 Thailand

Period : Febuary 22- March 5, 2010

      First exchange exhibition between Korea and Thailand, ’Different, but Same,’ emerges as an attempt by young artists of Korea, who does not share anything common geographically and in terms of belonging genres. This can be interpreted as an intention to escape local boundary. From painterly works to sculpture, installation art, media art, etc, each artist has built upon their own individuality and brilliant directorship, adding pace to globalization. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to see ways in which young artists of Korea make sense of and confront speed of the internet, mass production and outflow of information, inter subjective sensibility of media, and chaos of images thrown out from various perspectives.

     International biennale unfolding like planned events and the spectacular scale of the exhibition reminding one of Hollywood movies. Ever since oriental art has opened itself to the world, China has positioned itself firm as a first-mover and Korean art market is experience an unexpected rapid growth. Such changes were followed by global economic downturn. In period of many dramatic changes, what can be defined as the identity of today’s young Korean artists?

    I believe this exhibition will provide an opportunity to take a glance at how art is being conceived and experienced in Asia, initiating a global discussion on the subject, while not losing Korean character from many different angles. I also look forward to seeing new paradigm to guide art in Asia through maintaining constructive relationship with artists from Thailand.

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