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Possessed/Poach by Preeyachanok Ketsuwan

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Tang Contemporary Art – Bangkok presents


A Solo Exhibition by Preeyachanok Ketsuwan

Exhibition period: March 24 – April 30 2011

Venue :
Tang Contemporary Art - Bangkok
Unit B-28 (Basement), Silom Galleria
919/1 Silom Road (Soi 19), Bangkok 10500 Thailand

OPENING RECEPTION: Tang Contemporary Art cordially invites you to the opening party on
Thursday, 24 March 2011, 6.30 pm onwards.

CLOSING EVENT: A performing by the artist Preeyachanok Ketsuwan and her women relatives
on Saturday, 30 April 2011, 15.00 pm onwards.

For some time sex has been defined as the biological difference between men and women, and gender as Feminine/masculine, male/female, women/men, boy/girl - terms of sexual and gender division like these permeate the way we think and talk about ourselves and each other. On most occasions we found ourselves easily believe in something just the way we were told, that makes me wonder whether this ease is illusory? One may speculate whether being a woman necessarily implies being "feminine". One may question why young women are often referred to as girls, while men are seldom referred to as boys. Is living in a non-stereotypically feminine manner a reliable indication that one is a bad woman?

There is a folk story of a lady who cannot proof her profound love to her man because her hair was not long enough to stretch through the pagoda’s base, and another folklore about how a women being punished if she love someone before getting married thus led to many queries. Who assign rules to women? To whom women being Possessed? “Possessed/Poach” examines the inquiries in “being woman” under the social-constructed role we might never seriously investigate the underling reasons. Or maybe the only reason is being woman.

For Public and Media Enquires, please contact the gallery at +(662) - 630 1114
Fax: +(662) – 630 3264 or email: bkk@tangcontemporary.com, www.tangcontemporary.com

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