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Agalico Budur by Ekachai Milintapas and Wachirapan Intaraworapad

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Agalico Budur

The black hole of joy, grief maybe waiting to abyss
The black hole of sorrow, joy could wait by the end

“There is nothing that communicates better than art. It’s quicker than language and clearer than philosophy.” Just as same as the images of naked bodies in the art work of new duo artists who have made a good reflection about some story within their mind. If clothes have cover to body as it’s functional, the body that keeps covering human’s mind can reflective some inner mind as well. The above mention could encourage an intention of this time of creative art then. Ekachai’s work has convey about the truth of suffer while spread around the molecule of peacefully by respect and understanding to any of worldly happening as this statement as from his thoughtful that “if both of physical and mental have no suffering, that’s would be really splendid lucky which everyone desire for, but to be without from all those suffer. Perhaps it must start from our own self thus.” And for Wachirapan’s work has conveyed about the delusion of joyful that astray by sticky adhere in his own ego. It seem superior civilized by any taste of delicious knowledge, but always impetuously by his own unreliably of delude wisdom. As like as his thought confession that “we shall assembly to each other for last before nothing good nor bad left for ours world no more. Only just trace of smile and the crust of my tear remains in an abyss of endless feeling thus.”

This time of an art exhibition as a figurative style as entitled “Agalico Budur” doesn’t only stress aiming for more alien new look than the exact substantial of the theme which could possibly be one of an appreciated value to see through the unstable of joy and sorrow. Thus time is as no matter as incomparable to the act of the mind. For easier understanding that joy and sorrow didn’t depend on the time but depend on the consequences of the mind existence that is when sustain in happy, it’s happy and when sustain in grief, it’s definitely grieve then. Admiring that new generation of ours Thai Buddhist social like both of them care enough to raise thoroughly essential of Dharma as an open issue as to persuasion. Hopefully that all Buddhists fellow would accompany with the possibility of the existing mind to be joyful peace even when have to face with great suffer in reality.

Opening exhibition will take place on Tuesday 13th July at 18:00 pm. till on Friday 13th August, 2010. At Artery Gallery, 919/1 the Silom Galleria Building, (UNIT B09) B1 Fl., Silom Rd., Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Artery Gallery
919/1 The Silom Galleria Building,
(Unit B09) B1 Fl., Silom Rd., Bangkok
10500 Thailand
Tel: +66 2 630 3006
Fax: +66 2 630 3007

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